Protocol Benefits

Stake, farm and compound your SMY tokens and utilize them in the SafeMoonYield ecosystem. Play unique games and win BIG prizes paid out in BUSD and stake your tokens to gain access to future IGO's.

SMY is a deflationary token with a fee on all buys, sells and transfers.

2.00 % Tax Fee

This is broken down as follows:

12.50 % goes to the burn address
12.50 % goes to the team treasury
25.00 % goes into the game prize pots
50.00 % goes into the farming pools

Playing the games in the SMY ecosystem brings multiple benefits. You have the chance to win BIG prizes paid out in BUSD, whilst the entry fees are used to buyback the SMY token which will increase the token price, and used to increase the total prize pot and bolster the farming rewards, boosting the total reward package for all SMY users


Farming Yield to the higher level

Stake your tokens into Liquidity Farms and Compound Farms to earn more and more SMY tokens to use in the SafeMoonYield ecosystem


Games Limitless Games

Use your SMY tokens to play unique games to earn big rewards, with games including Moontimer, Moonlotto and Moonbet with more games being developed in the future


Initial Game OfferingsRevolutionary Launchpad

Gain access to future IGO's and win more prizes using the SafeMoonYield gaming launchpad


Initial Game Offering details

SafeMoonYield Initial game offering event commences 20th September, 2021, running until the timer reaches zero or the entire amount is sold. The SMY token will be available from the start.

Token Symbol SMY
Token Name SafeMoonYield
Token Decimals 18
Token Network BSC and Polygon next
Max supply 10,000,000,000 SMY
Team Allocation None
Current supply 0.00 SMY
Fair Launch No seed & pre-sale rounds, Anti-whale bot protection
IGO Allocation 2,000,000,000 SMY
Community Prize Up to 1,000,000 USD
Amount for each buy 100,000 SMY
Initial buy Price 0.0005 USD
Buy price incremental 0.0000004 USD
IGO start Sept 20th, 12:00 UTC
IGO max duration 20 days
IGO game rules & description Please read our docs

Road Map

Find out what we are up to in 2021 and beyond.

Q2 2021 Research & Development
  • The idea of the project is born
  • Initial planning, research and development commences
  • Whitepaper created
Q3 2021 The Launch
  • Website and all social media platforms created
  • Initial launch games tested and pushed to mainnet
  • Initial partnerships formed
  • Initial Game Offering and launch SMY token on Binance Smart Chain
  • Farming pools launch
Q4 2021 Continued Advancements
  • First Launchpad Initial Game Offering
  • Partner MoonTimer games
  • Launch Moonlotto and Moonbet games
  • Further exchange listings
2022 and Beyond Building on success
  • Multiple Launchpad Initial Game Offerings
  • SafeMoonYield Swap
  • SafeMoonYield Bridge
  • Further games built and integrated into ecosystem
  • Partnership enhancements
  • Lots of other good stuff!

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